Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event about?

  • Vermont Hemp Festival is about promoting working landscapes and economic development, especially in rural northern New England, including the Northeast Kingdom. There will be exhibitions, presentations from experts, and resources for attendees.

Who is this event for?

  • Any and everyone with an interest in the thousands of potential possibilities of the hemp plant. This group includes landowners and farmers with an interest in cultivating this value-added crop; entrepreneurs and artisans interested in producing hemp products in Vermont and beyond; and those who simply want to learn more about the potential of hemp.

When is this event?

  • The presentations, exhibitions, and educational workshops will all be held on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Discounted hotel rates are available for the exhibitors and attendees via the Burke Mountain website with the code “HFEST” until rooms are sold out.
  • There will be a welcome reception on the night of Friday, September 6 for those who wish to arrive ahead of time.
  • If you’re staying the night, enjoy a special Sunday Hemp Brunch at the Pub, featuring a menu full of locally sourced hemp ingredients.

Where is this event?

  • This is being held at the Burke Mountain Hotel and Conference Center, a beautiful new 116-room hotel on the slopes of world-renown Burke Mountain, in the ‘Northeast Kingdom’ region of Vermont, easily accessible from I-91. Burke Mountain is accessible for hiking, features world-class mountain-biking via Kingdom Trails and the Burke Bike Park, and is 20 minutes from Lake Willoughby.

How do I get there?

Are you including medical or recreational cannabis?

  • This event is strictly distinct from other variations of the cannabis plant and is only focused on internationally-defined hemp as cannabis plants with <.3% THC used in legal products.

Is this a political event?

  • We invite all relevant politicians and state officials to discuss the present legal frameworks in the state and beyond and invite all political viewpoints and opinions. The promotion of agricultural hemp for working landscapes and value-added agriculture enjoys broad political support and any supporters of agricultural hemp are welcome, regardless of their opinion of medical or recreational cannabis.
  • Official event political discussion and presentations will be limited to agricultural hemp and not broader legalization of cannabis for recreational use and/or medical marijuana reform.
  • The event organizers firmly support further cannabis reforms in Vermont but also recognize that for the benefit of the development of agricultural hemp, it’s crucial to separate these issues. There will be other cannabis events in the future that are all-inclusive, but the Vermont Hemp Festival is specifically and explicitly for hemp.

Is cannabis paraphernalia allowed at Hemp Fest?

  • There will not be glassware or cannabis-smoking devices for sale, and consumption of illegal drugs on the premises is forbidden. Any vaporizing of legal nicotine or CBD products is allowed in designated outdoor areas.
  • All ages are welcome. Presenters and exhibitors may display or depict legal hemp leaves and even live hemp plants. No psychoactive compounds may be exhibited, displayed, or consumed as part of the Vermont Hemp Festival.

Are dogs allowed?

  • Yes! Dogs are allowed in the hotel and conference center area, as well as the campground and outdoor areas. We ask that you keep your dog leashed and be attentive at all times. We will also include a shaded leash hookup and water dish area on the patio for your furry friends.

Is this event family-friendly?

  • Yes! Kids under 12 get in free, and Burke Mountain offers a variety of family-friendly accommodations and activities.