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Sen. John Rodgers and Vinnie “Mule” Mulac at the second annual Vermont Hemp Fest in September 2018.

Vermont Hemp Fest promotes working landscapes and economic development, especially in rural northern New England, and cultivates a thriving, inclusive hemp + cannabis industry.

This year’s programming includes need-to-know info about changes in federal and state regulation, transitioning to the adult use market, best practices for growers and makers, advocacy and social justice — and how to navigate the unique and rapidly changing agricultural landscape of hemp and cannabis in the northeast.

While we’re disappointed we won’t be able to catch up in person with all the great folks we’ve been getting to know over the last three years, we want to make sure people stay as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic – while still getting all the great networking benefits out of the event. That’s why we’ve taken it to the next level with a fantastic platform that enables live chat, networking lounges, exhibitor livestreams and other interactive tools to promote engagement and get your business out there.

The inaugural Hemp Fest in 2017 welcomed over 500 attendees. Two years later, with the number of registered hemp permits still growing and exponential growth in the publics interest in all things cannabis, Vermont Hemp Fest is a lively platform for the agricultural hemp industry to engage, advocate and learn while meeting like-minded people.

The second annual Vermont Hemp Fest at Burke Mountain, produced by Heady Vermont.

Interested speakers and presenters can fill out an on-line application. Please be sure to read all instructions before you begin filling out the form. Volunteers may also fill out a form to volunteer at any of our signature events.

Check out the header menu for FAQ, programming info, exhibitor + sponsor info and MORE!

Check out our inaugural Hemp Fest Recap video from the talented Shawn Cimonetti:

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